Sunday School

We believe that young children are able to understand God's message through Scripture and that now is a perfect time to begin introducing your child to the Bible and to our church. By attending Sunday School, your child will continue to build a relationship with Jesus.

Throughout the school year we will be familiarizing your child to our church and to our Christian life. We would like to encourage your child to grow in their relationship with Christ. We will also be learning the fundamentals of Orthodox worship.

Each Sunday, the teachers and children begin together as one group to recite the Lord's Prayer and read a story from the Old or New Testament. We will then separate into our respective classes for the remainder of the class time.

Our goal in Sunday School is to teach by example. We devote our time, patience and knowledge to the youth of our church. We want our students to be kind, thoughtful, and giving of themselves. We want them to love Jesus and feel comfortable in their own church.

We are hoping that with our teachings and your reinforcement they will continue to understand that Church is a special place and that it is God's Home. We will be praying with your child each week and encouraging them to say their own prayers.

We would like to encourage any member of our parish who feels that they have a special talent or knowledge of the church or our services to come and join us for a Sunday and be a Guest Teacher. Please notify us if you would like to help us with this special project.

We are looking forward to this new year and all that we will be learning together.

Yours in Christ,

Sunday School Staff

Don't forget - Sunday School begins promptly at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday mornings!

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